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Our directors are the key artisans of your social impact video projects. Their role goes far beyond technical expertise, as they capture the emotion and the very essence of your initiatives. As visual storytellers, they translate your messages into narratives that resonate beyond the screen. With their intimate understanding of our mission, they shape each project with sensitivity. Their technical expertise and empathy make them catalysts for change, transforming ideas into inspiring stories that spur action.



Ian-Mathieu Ouellet_edited.jpg


Ian-Mathieu Ouellet is a versatile and talented director who graduated with a degree in screenwriting from UQAM in 2008. Since then, his career has flourished in the television, documentary series, and advertising industries. With over a decade of experience, Ian-Mathieu has built an impressive portfolio of diverse projects that have captivated both audiences and clients.


As a director, Ian-Mathieu Ouellet is recognized for his artistic sensitivity, unwavering calm under pressure, and ability to adapt to various genres. His expertise in screenwriting allows him to tell captivating stories and explore new narrative perspectives, enriching every project he is a part of. In addition to his directing skills, Ian-Mathieu is also a talented editor, having brought his creative touch to over a hundred projects. His mastery of post-production contributes to bringing the visions of directors to life and ensuring exceptional final results.


Clients who have collaborated with Ian-Mathieu Ouellet not only appreciate his technical expertise but also his human approach. His artistic sensibility seamlessly complements his sharp communication skills, allowing him to work closely with clients to bring their ideas to fruition while respecting their vision.


Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Television from UQAM in 2010, Maude Sabbagh quickly carved out a place for herself in the television industry. Since 2011, she has been involved in developing various concepts and directing a variety of programs, including 'Face à la rue,' 'Faire œuvre utile,' 'MK ULTRA: la fin du silence,' 'Histoires de coming out,' 'Obèses: changer de vie,' 'Les coulisses du BYE BYE 2020,' 'La vie après,' 'Code F,' 'Arrêter le temps,' 'La mort m’a dit,' 'Bull Jumping,' 'filles de moto,' 'amour libre,' and 'le deuil en héritage.' In 2018, she won a Gémeaux Award for Best Direction and Best Documentary Series for the show 'Faire œuvre utile.'


Driven by challenges and possessing a great sensitivity, Maude is constantly searching for the most authentic and meaningful way to connect with people. While her field of action is vast, her guiding principle revolves around human relationships, both in front of and behind the camera. She aims to shine a light on the impactful initiatives of businesses and the individuals who are part of them.

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